Imam Khomeini freed nations from oppressors: Ex-Lebanese official

A former Lebanese official says that Imam Khomeini freed nations and communities from clutches of exploiting powers.

ID: 39070 | Date: 2015/02/24
What follows is a rough transcription of the interview with a former Lebanese minister. Our website has conducted the interview with him while he was attending an international summit in Tehran.


Question:  Given your international experience, how do you see the impact of the Iranian revolution in the international arena?

Ex-Lebanese minister: The Iranian Islamic revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini has been unique and unprecedented as it could release communities, nations, ethnic and religious groups from clutches of tyrants, oppressors and exploiting powers. Imam Khomeini also restored the nations their dignity, self-esteem and identity. The revolution inspired other nations to reclaim their freedom and independence.

Question:  How do you assess Imam Khomeini’s personality from all perspectives?

Ex-Lebanese minister: Imam Khomeini has been a great figure in our contemporary history who guided the Iranians and the Muslim community. Iran adopted right politics and was put into right orbit following the victory under his wise leadership.

Question: How did the great Imam highlight the issue of Palestine on international stage?

Ex-Lebanese minister: Imam Khomeini revived the Palestinian issue which at one stage had been completely isolated and marginalized.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also emphasized on Muslim unity and attempted to unify all followers of all religions and members of oppressed community. He declared last Friday from holy month of Ramadan to show solidarity with the Palestinians.

Question: What is your take on the violence, terrorism and Islamophobia issues?

Ex-Lebanese minister: Terrorism and violence are dangerous phenomena and do not regard any value and strike indiscriminately. Further efforts were need to be exerted by the governments and nations to tackle these violent incidents.