Shah Regime Became Scared of Imam Popularity

The Pahlavi Shah regime was becoming increasingly scared of Imam Khomeini’s growing popularity among public and masses.

ID: 39349 | Date: 2015/04/07
The great leader of the Muslim world was becoming so popular among public, elites, clergymen, academic and among all walks of life.

Imam’s growing popularity across Iran and other parts of the globe was seen as a threat to Shah monarchial regime.

Reports indicate that wherever Imam used to go, people used to arrange a massive welcome parade and he was greeted by masses in major cities including Tehran, Qom and several other cities.

In order to counter Imam’s growing influence the Pahlavi authorities and their backers from colonial powers imposed severe restrictions on the great leader’s movements.

The Shah regime agents imprisoned Imam, put him under house arrest and sent him into exile during 1950s, and 1960s.

Imam was soon loved by millions around the globe due to his divine personality and his devotion for the Muslim world and the oppressed nations.

Imam Khomeini, the world religious believed that without attainment of spiritual freedom, it would be impossible for authorities and administrations to grant other members of society with civil liberties and real freedoms.

The great figure of history advised authorizes to show transparency, truthfulness, simplicity and simple life style in their practical conduct and behavior. He also advised them to openly accept constructive types of criticism. 

The great Imam sketched real pillars of the politics which should be based on divine and moral principles. 

Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, established a comprehensive Islamic-democratic system following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

Imam Khomeini established a comprehensive system based on divine and human values in contemporary history.

Imam Khomeini frequently said that Islam was fully capable of establishing progressive democratic system.

The progressive Islamic-democratic government brought prosperity and development for the nation in coming years.  

The fall of the Pahlavi regime and the victory of the people’s voices brought about many changes in the world and particularly in the Middle East. These changes were not pleasant ones for the colonizers. Many plots to destroy the Iranian political system were planned, such as the eight year war on Iran. Iranians defended their country successfully.