The Only Restriction was with Regard to Observance of Religious Issues

ID: 40152 | Date: 2015/07/01
Due to my acquaintance and friendship with the late Hajj Aqa Mostafa (the Imam’s elder son), I came to know that the Imam was in no way authoritarian and domineering in his relations with his wife and children and believed in letting them to be free such that he did not wish to impose his beliefs even by means of asking questions. The only restriction that was present in the Imam’s household was with regard to observance of religious matters. For instance they should on no account engage in backbiting, slandering and these sorts of abominable acts.

Name of the narrator: Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani, In Light of Sun, fourth volume, page 72

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter one, page 40