What about you?

ID: 40881 | Date: 2015/08/30
When we were in Paris, one day I had cooked some food for the Imam and his guests and after I had finished cooking, I served the meal on the table in front of him. I soon noticed that the Imam was very particular and considerate about others because he knew that on that day the lady (his wife) was not at home and it was quite likely that  nobody would know whether there would be any food left for me to eat or not. So he asked me: “What about you?” when I replied that I had not kept aside any of the food that I had cooked for myself and was going to the building on the other side to eat my meal, he stated: “No, you have taken the trouble of cooking here and you must eat your meal right here” He then divided the four servings into five and gave one serving to me.

Name of the narrator: Marziyeh Hadidchi, Zan-e-Rouz journal, dated June 02, 1990

Title of the Book: Impressions and Memoirs about Imam Khomeini's Practical Behaviour, vol. 1, chapter six, page 255