Imam showed affection, devotion towards public

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to give too much importance to various walks of the society.

ID: 41069 | Date: 2015/09/12
The people from different walks of life used together Hossainiah Jamaran to closely listen recommendations and advise by Imam Khomeini

The site had been turned into for religious and social gathering where Imam Khomeini used to warmly welcome people and delivered lectures and speeches for them.  They accepted Imam’s recommendation with core of heart. 

People used to express their unprecedented loyalty and faithfulness towards Imam. 

Imam used to hold sessions with public masses, officials and international diplomats at very simply-build residence and a place attached to the house.  Imam used to hold regular meetings with civil and military officials to know the about the progress and shortcoming in different fields. 

The father of the Islamic Revolution has had a great association with people as children occasionally used to climb the stage where Imam had been delivering speech. The great Imam used to show affection and fondness towards the public. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic once described himself as a brother and servant of the Iranian nation.

 “Leader and leadership in the divine religions including Islam is not in itself something grand to make men proud and self conceited”. “If they call me a servant, it would be better than being called a leader. Being a leader is not what matters. What matters is service, Islam has made it necessary for us to serve! I am a brother to Iranian people and regard myself as their servant and soldier...” the founder of the Islamic Republic said.