Al Saud incapable of running hajj pilgrimage affairs

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic once said in a historic message that House of Saud is incapable of managing hajj pilgrimage.

ID: 45062 | Date: 2016/09/06
Imam Khomeinimade remarks in a historic message after Saudi forces killed hundreds of pilgrims, including a large number of Iranians in 1987.

Saudi regime forces attacked pilgrims during season of Hajj, killing at least 400 of them. A large number of Iranian nationals were also martyred during the Saudi aggression at the holy site. 

The incident happened as believers were raising their voices against the atrocities and occupational agenda of Israel. 

Following the massacre of pilgrims by Saudi forces, Imam Khomeini made it a Chrystal clear that Saudi ruling family is not capable of managing Hajj affairs, and urged the Muslim scholars and intellectual to find a solution to supervise Hajj.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic also stressed that Iran’s foes had been unwise people who think that by carrying out such senseless crimes and massacres they can hinder the universal message of the Islamic Revolution.

Some parts of Imam’s historic message come as following:

 “This most horrible event has not only wounded the feelings of the Iranian people but has also shocked the hearts of all freedom-loving people and Muslims all over the world.”

“Saudis, the hypocritical rulers of Saudi Arabia and traitors to the sanctity of the two holy cities. This time their target was the hearts of the most devoted Muslims and the guests of God. The self-styled `host of the pilgrims' and the `keepers of the Holy Mosque' caused streams of the blood of Muslims to flow in the streets and alleys of Mecca.” 

“Thank God that this atrocity has created many loyal supporters for the Islamic Republic of Iran among the Hajj pilgrims of various nationalities, races and countries, even inside Saudi Arabia itself. They witnessed thescene of crime and will testify to our truthfulness and to the dimensions of the bloody carnage of Muslims at the hands of `the servants of the Holy Cities. ‘They will help us convey the bitter facts of this incident to all the people of the world.”

Saudi regime has been strongly denouned for its poor management of last year’s Hajj as well.

It is worthy to mention that Iran has cancelled the participation of its pilgrims in this year’s Hajj rituals in September due to Saudi Arabia’s creation of obstacles in the way of Iranians seeking to perform the ritual.

Tehran has repeatedly expressed concern about the safety of its pilgrims after more than 2,400 people, including at least 460 Iranian pilgrims, lost their lives in a stampede in Saudi Arabia on September 24, 2015.