Imam Khomeini stressed divine character of Fatima-Zahra (PBUH)

ID: 46750 | Date: 2017/03/02
Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution maintained that the infallible holy lady Fatimah Zahra (peace be upon her) had earned grace for all woman and mankind.  

The holy prophet of Islam Hadrat Mohammad (PBUH) once said: "Fatima – the daughter of Islam--is the best of all women of the world (Sayyidatu Nesae Al A'lameen), and a role-model for all Muslim women.

With the birth of hadrat Fatima-Zahra, Allah revealed the Chapters of Kauthar, Qadr and Dahr to praise her auspicious birth.

By praising her virtues, the Prophet of Islam firmly established the value of women in the Islamic society.

According to Islamic traditions narrated by the honorable prophet of Islam and infallible Imams,  Fatima is the role-model of all women of the world and she  is the best woman ever, from the beginning of time, up to its end.  

Her greatness is not limited to any particular time period or location.

Imam attached a great significance to birth anniversary and martyrdom occasion of Hadrat Zahra (PBUH).

Imam Khomeini frequently highlighted the divine virtues and divine character of the divine lady and recommended all women around the world to the footsteps of the holy prophet’s daughter.

Some phrases from Imam Khomeini’s historic speech regarding virtues of Hadrat Zahra (PBUH) comes as following: The speech was delivered in 1979 just months after the victory of Islamic revolution.

"All dimensions that one can imagine exist for a woman and a human being were personified in Fatima Zahra, upon whom be peace. She was not an ordinary woman; she was a spiritual woman, a heavenly woman, a human being in the true sense of the word."

"She was the incarnation of human goodness; she personified the true nature of woman and the true nature of the human being. She was not an ordinary woman, she was a heavenly being who appeared in this world in the form of a human being, she was a divine, celestial being who appeared in the form of a woman. She personified all the very best human and female traits that one can imagine."

"Women are the educators of society. It is from the laps of women that true human beings originate. The first stage in the development of sound men and women begins in the lap of a woman. Women are the educators of human beings. A country’s success or its misfortune depends on women. If they impart sound teachings, they create (sound) human beings and a flourishing country. Good fortune originates from the laps of women, they should be the source of every success and happiness, yet unfortunately this father and son, in particular this son, turned women into playthings. The number of crimes they perpetrated against the women they did not perpetrate against the men."

"Women are the source of all blessings."

It is worthy to mention that the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini granted women their real status in the society and provided ground for their participation in political, cultural and social arenas.