Iranian nation wants to live in peace and friendship with world

The Iranian president made the remarks in a televised speech following his landslide election victory.

ID: 47593 | Date: 2017/05/21
The Iranian nation has chosen the path of interaction with the rest of the world away from violence and extremism, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani says

 The Iranian president made the remarks in a televised speech following his landslide election victory. He has won a second term in office through presidential polls held on Friday.

The president stressed that Iranians clearly and explicitly sent their message to the world through the Friday elections,

"Our nation wants to live in peace and friendship with the world, but at the same time, it will accept no humiliation or threat," Rouhani said, adding, "This is the most important message that our nation expects to be heard correctly by all governments, neighbors, and particularly, big global powers."

Iran's polls declared to the neighboring countries and the entire region that the way to establishment of security in this region was to reinforce democracy and showing respect for the people's votes, instead of relying on foreign powers, the president noted

Rouhani said the Iranian people proved that they were united and despite political polarization, no one could drag them into useless class, ethnic, sectarian, tribal, urban or rural skirmishes.

He emphasized that the Iranians' decisive vote throughout the country proved that they were "one nation” that had “one administration” and wanted “one president,” who would be the president of all people and, of course, serve all people. 

“Great nation of Iran, the main winner of these elections is you, the great nation,” the incumbent president said, noting that this victory was the triumph of peace and reconciliation over tension and violence. “This victory was the victory of national unity and solidarity over division."

Rouhani also stated that the Iranian people had chosen their future path after understudying different views.

The president also stressed that everybody must respect people's demand and decision. He called on all Iranians, even those who were against his policies, to help him advance his plans.

Rouhani noted that he would remain committed to all promises he had made during campaigning.

He also vowed to implement his declared plans with firm determination and in the best interest of the Iranian people.

The president concluded his address by praising efforts made by all officials involved in holding elections.

He thanked particularly the Guardian Council and Interior Ministry as well as governors, governors general, police and security forces, and mass media.