Thai scholar appreciates Imam Khomeini’s vision for future

A prominent Thai scholar has says Imam Khomeini possessed a range of qualities which makes him a distinguished leader in contemporary history.

ID: 47742 | Date: 2017/05/31
Dr. Somjavevirnapol, who is a Professor at Bangkok University and editor in chief of Ayutthaya Times , said in an interview that he liked Imam Khomeini's simple life-style, intelligence, generosity and his vision for future.

The rough and brief script of the interview comes as following:

Question: How do you describe and define personality of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic. Which characteristics and qualities?

Answer: In fact, I appreciate this man’s simple life-style, intelligence, generosity and his vision for future. Most of the religious leaders stress on doctrines of their own religions and limit themselves to preaching and reminding about religious rites, rituals and some ceremonial practices.

Question: How did Imam Khomeini expand perspectives and horizens of religion?

Despite his insistence on worship aspects and individuals’ salvation, Imam Khomeini had explored capacities of Islam beyond this. He had attached great significance to   expansion of individual, social and economic perspectives. This all reflects his deep awareness and insightful wisdom which helped him to move in accordance with circumstances and needs of the time.

 It is worthy to mention that Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-Republic system which put Iran on the track of progress and defended rights of oppressed people across the globe. 

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