Imam Khomeini’s lessons on morality deeply influenced pupils

Imam Khomeini, the leader of contemporary of the Muslim world, used to deliver lessons on morality and ethics to students at seminaries in the holy Iranian city of Qom and Iraqi city of Najaf.

ID: 47903 | Date: 2017/06/09
The pupils and seminary students say the lectures were so impressive that they felt a serious transformation and moral change after attending such lessons.

Some pupils recall that they used to wait for entire week to attend Imam Khomeini’s weekly moral lessons.

Pundits maintain that Imam Khomeini always paid particular attention to morality, and viewed almost all socio-political issues from the moral perspective.  

Ethical norms and morality have a special status  In the heart of Imam Khomeini’s way of thinking. 

Imam through his historic speeches and messages frequently recommend the faithful people and believers to decorate themselves with moral excellence.  

Ethics played a key decisive role in all actions of Imam Khomeini from the very beginning when he was a regular teacher at seminaries up to the time when he was in the midst of the political arena, led the people’s uprising, and established the Islamic Republic. 

Imam Khomeini’s ethical theories are deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition and founded on the great Gnostic and ethical heritage of the Muslim mystics and teachers of ethics.   

Imam Khomeini keenly scrutinizes moral vices and virtues, and discusses them wisely.  

According to Imam Khomeini, the purpose and result of the summons of the Seal of the Prophets is the perfection of morality.

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