Rediscovery of Islamic identity to boost freedom of Palestine, Imam Khomeini highlighted

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic used to maintain that a genuine return of Muslim Ummah to its real identity can solve the problems facing the Muslim world.

ID: 50705 | Date: 2019/05/22
Imam Khomeini repeatedly through his historic speeches and messages pointed out the danger of Israeli occupation and expansionism.

 Imam also warned about the fact that Israel would not be satisfied with its present boundary, and he informed the people that any kind of denial or cover-up by Israel of this aim was merely done to deceive public opinion in the Islamic world and allow it to pursue its step-by-step policy to achieve its ultimate aim.

If this warning of Imam's alone had been understood properly, the way for the various conciliatory plans - which naively sought to make Israel the captive of international agreements and resolutions and, at the cost of giving it most of the occupied lands, obtain a kind of limited self rule in a corner of Palestine - would have been blocked. 

Imam knew this and realized that the main buttress of the struggle would be the people's Islamic faith.

Imam once said in this regard as following: 

 "Until the time that we return to Islam, the Islam of the Prophet of God, our problems will remain. Until that happens, we can solve neither the Palestinian problem nor the problems besetting Afghanistan and other places. The nations must turn to the earliest age of Islam, if their governments do so with them there is no problem, otherwise the nations should detach themselves from their governments and do to them what the nation of Iran did to its government so that the problems can be solved."