Jesus Christ's teachings are full of consideration for spirituality: President Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Jesus Christ's teachings for human beings are full of consideration for spirituality, peace and friendship.
The president made remarks while congratulating the country's Christians ahead of the new Gregorian calendar year.

ID: 51188 | Date: 2018/01/01
Rouhani  in his congratulatory message on Sunday ahead of New Year 2018  also urged all to act based on the prophet's guidelines.

"We honor an Iran which is the home to all Iranians, including Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians," the president said.

He added that respect for all divine religions is a valuable teaching of Islam.

He expressed hope the Iranian Christians would have a New Year full of happiness and prosperity.

Also on on December 24, the Iranian president sent congratulatory messages to Pope Francis and other world leaders ahead of Christmas and the new Gregorian calendar year and expressed hope that the world would see the eradication of discrimination and poverty.

In today's world, which is plagued with immoralities, injustice and suffering, statesmen and religious scholars shoulder an important duty to work together and help each other with the purpose of creating a "beautiful world full of peace, tranquility, [and] moderation" free from "violence and extremism," he said in his message to Pope.