Divine prophets came with aim of building human societies, Imam Khomeini stressed

Imam Khomeini through his theological works stressed that Prophets had come to actualize this potential essence and develop man into a Divine creature.

ID: 51876 | Date: 2020/02/24
According to Imam, man can possess all the attributes of the Almighty and is a radiates place for the manifestation of the sacred light of the Almighty.

Man is the ultimate essence of all creatures and quintessence of the entire universe.

The universe has been constituted on the education of man.

On this basis, all Divine prophets had come with the aim of building human beings and societies. The correction of human beings and their affairs signifies placing them on the course of fitrat, something that is the duty of all prophets as well as true and real philosophers. The straight path or the path of 'idalah are one and the same.

The prophets have come to make man. Not a single prophet has come but to correct man. 

The ultimate end is the verity of Resurrection and man's return to eternal life, and other verities lie between these two verities (origin and resurrection).

In the view of Imam Khomeini, the most basic concern is to make man and to become man.

 It is because all crises and problems of man goes back to absence of purification in him; and the end and goal of the mission of prophets had been to purify and make man. If purification is practiced, rebellion will be effaced. As a result, other problems will not emerge, as thus put by Imam Khomeini:

"All the differences existing among human beings are because man has not been purified. The ultimate end of every prophetic mission is to purify the people so that by means of purification he could teach both wisdom and the Qur’an, for if people are purified, rebellion will not emerge.”

“Therefore, in such an outlook, the existence of all rebellions, crises and problems is traceable to the absence of purification and leaving man alone to himself. The solution to all human problems lies in his becoming a man by way of purification of the soul. Edification of man's soul and correction of the affairs of human beings mean placing them on the road towards Divine fitrat. This is the mission of all prophets and the true and real philosophers."

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