The newspapers do not belong to us

ID: 30348 | Date: 2013/08/07
S One day when we in the company of the representative of the Imam in the ‘Keyhan’ and ‘Ittila‘at’ newspapers Martyr Shahcheraghi and Mr. Du‘a’i went to meet with the Imam, Mr. Khatami who was the Minister of Islamic Guidance at that time was also present. While welcoming us he stated: “The newspapers must not be such that they print things pertaining to me and always print my photo on the front page and write about me in bold letters and main title.” Then he stated: “The newspapers do not belong to us. They belong to the deprived people. They belong to the middle class.” He added saying: “If a peasant does a good job, print his photo on the first page instead of printing my photo.”

The newspapers do not belong to us: Hujjat al-Islam Masih Muhajeri