They have come here out of affection

ID: 30352 | Date: 2013/08/08
After the victory when the Imam arrived in Qum, on most days people would come to visit him and express their feelings on the streets. There was a huge crowd. On the other side of the Qum River which lay opposite the quarters of the Imam, the massive crowd would sway like the waves of an ocean. The Imam would come on the roof and respond to the feelings of the people.  Some would ask him not to come on the roof as it was dangerous for him. The people would throw packages at him to bless the contents. But the Imam would retort that they were coming here out of love. At the same time a group would say to him that: “O Imam! If you want to come on the roof allow us to go first so that we can assess the situation and then you can come.” This issue was repeated several times by Mr. Ishraqi but the Imam paid no attention. As soon as he would hear the clamor of the crowd gathered on the street, immediately he would place the turban on his head, wear his slippers and go to the roof. He loved to respect the people who would come to visit him out of affection and zeal.

They have come here out of affection: Hujjat al-Islam Hasan Thaqafi