Imam Khomeini would never pass on his work to anyone else

Imam Khomeini’s family members and people within his close circle have recalled in a series of memoirs that the late founder of the Islamic Republic never passed on his works to others.

ID: 52840 | Date: 2018/03/28
Imam Khomeini world had kept a balance in handling his responsibilities while undertaking struggle for the Islamic Revolution and after becoming the leader of the Islamic Republic. 

Hujjatul Islam Seyyed Hamid Ruhani through a memoirs recalled as following:

As far as possible, Imam was particular that he should not impose his work on others, but rather carry it out himself.  In Najaf, it sometimes happened that from the roof , Imam would notice that the kitchen or bathroom light was left on.

In these cases, he would not tell his wife or anybody else who was also on the roof to go and switch off the light.  Rather, he would himself make his way down three flights of stairs in the darkness, switch off the light and return.

Occasionally, he would also want a pen or paper that was upstairs.  In this circumstance too, he would not tell anyone, not even his loved ones the children of Martyr Marhum Hajj Sayyid Mustafa (Imam’s son), to bring them for him. He would himself get up and go up the stairs to get what he needed and return.