God appointed prophets to train true human beings, Imam Khomeini defined

ID: 53909 | Date: 2018/05/22
Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic said that prophets were sent by God the Almighty to train and educate humans  

Imam in a historic message once said as following:

“The main topic of all discussions, the subject of all training and education and the goal of the knowledge of all of the Prophets has been human beings.”

According to Imam, they have all come to elevate this creature of nature from its natural level to super­ natural and up to the highest heaven.

The ultimate goal of all the prophets' efforts is the human being, Imam explained.

According to Imam, The Prophets have been appointed for the sake of humanity; for making true human beings. The books of the Prophets are to turn human beings into true human beings.

 The Holy Quran is the book of true human beings.