World sportsmen deeply impressed by Imam Khomeini

The late founder of the Islamic Republic expected sportsmen and athletics to boost and promote moral values and spirituality.

ID: 54273 | Date: 2019/10/17
Imam Khomeini on several occasions advised sportsmen to win fame and good name for the divine religion of Islam and the nation. 

The late founder of the Islamic Republic recommended them to decorate themselves with morality alongside improving and enhancing their professional skills and capabilities. 

Imam also  sought the sportsmen to take an active part in all religious, social, cultural arenas and contribute to raising awareness among the society, and be present in all fields.

 The leader of contemporary Muslim world believed that sportsmen also should play a key contribution towards solving the plight, sufferings and problems of the society. 

Imam also believed that sports can prevent socities from falling into pits of social and moral decline and help develp a healthy society from all perspectives.


Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer; activist once recalled that he used to deem himself the most powerful man of the world until he saw Imam Khomeini’s face. He believed that personality of Imam had created a great spiritual transformation inside him. 

He also had paid a pilgrimage to Imam Khomeini shrine and said the his mausoleum had always been filled with spiritual atmosphere