ID: 54491 | Date: 2018/06/05

Drink a cup and at the door of the tavern happy be,
Remember the angle who caused success.
If you don’t have tamper in order to toil the mountain,
Due to the beloved's disunion happy like Farhad be.
Keep on wearing the slavery rings in the ears,
The sovereign of the existence and universe be.
Within the twisted tress of the songwriter cup-bearer,
Wholeheartedly the banner-bearer of this premise be.
In manners of love, the trainee of the tavern-elder, be.
Proud for the whole people, master be.
The intoxicated won't buy his position for a penny,
Be it Khosrow of the era or Key-Qubād.
If you become the pleasant child of the tavern,
Let the territory of Qeysar and Kasrā with squandered be.