ID: 54492 | Date: 2018/07/06

Tonight while you are sleeping beside me like a bride,
Verily from petting and necking avoid not.
Oh night! Let not appear the morning bride,
Tonight that so close is sleeping in my arm this bride.
I won't take my lips off her sugar-sweet lips,
If I hear the dawn's announcement of "adhān" or beating the drum.
Oh God, block the morning way to the sun's face,
Make the "mu’adhdhin" keep on sleeping and the cock under the ground hide.
While you are with me just this single night, through affectionate and grace,
For the rest of the time, compensated if it were any chance.
Don't consider me a rogue if I want this night to meet the dawn,
If I could have taken a seat upon the seat of Solomon.
Hindī has come from India up to your residence,
How with the Shiraz kingship and Tus territory will be satisfied.