Imam Khomeini Annual Conference ''A Reflection on Leadership'' Was Held at the Islamic Center of England

In occasion of the 23rd demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini, Imam Khomeini Annual Conference “A Reflection on Leadership” was held on Sunday by the participation of a huge number of Imam’s lovers from different nationalities at the Islamic Center of England.

ID: 30663 | Date: 2012/06/08
During this conference in addition to the Iranian residents of London, hundreds of Imam’s lovers from different nationalities and religions participated to commemorate Imam’s name and memory on the anniversary of his demise.

Hojatoleslam Moezi, representative of the Supreme Leader and head of the Islamic Center of England, at the beginning of this conference described parts of Imam’s characteristic and his leadership specifications.

He also mentioned to the impact of Iran’s Islamic revolution on the region’s movements, and considered the Islamic awakening in the Middle East and Northern Africa inspired by the Islamic revolution and thoughts and ideas of the late Imam and said: “A lot of movements which we are witnessing today, have been predicted by Imam Khomeini decades earlier than now.”

Frank Julian Gelli an Anglican Reverend also delivered a speech entitled ‘Interfaith Relations’ from the view of Imam Khomeini.

Hojatoleslam Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour, an Islamic scholar, Dr. Agha Murtaza Pooya, a Pakistani researcher, Nabil Ahmed Awan, a Muslim member of Peterborough City Council, Hojatoleslam Hamza Sodagar, from Qum’s Hawzah, delivered their speeches entitled Imam and ‘Following the Infalibles’, ‘Interfaith Unity’, ‘Impact on Youth’ and ‘State and People’.