Imam Khomeini saw no conflict between philosophy and religion

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic maintained that religious teachings are based on rationality and rejected any conflict between religions and philosophy.

ID: 55416 | Date: 2020/03/09
From Imam Khomeini's viewpoint there is no conflict between philosophy and religion or, borrowing his words, "wisdom and supreme philosophy."

It was not without reason that in his letter to Gorbachev, the last leader of Soviet Union, Imam stressed the Qur'an and referred him to the views of Muslim philosophers for a critique of material thought:

"The Holy Qur'an criticizes the foundations of material thought. If you are interested in doing research in these areas, you may refer to the writings of Farabi, Bu 'Ali Sina, may God's mercy be upon them, as well as books by Sohrewardi, may God's mercy be upon him, Sadr al-Muta'alihin's transcendental wisdom - may God's mercy upon him and may he be associated with prophets and the righteous on the resurrection day - so that it would be clear that the truth of knowledge is verily a being abstract and separate from matter and glorified from any concept of matter, nor will it be subject to the rules of matter."

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