Simultaneously with the Resolution 598 Adoption:

The Congress of War and Defense in Imam Khomeini's Perception held in Qom

The secretary of the congress of War and Defense in Imam Khomeini's Perception reported that the congress is going to be held this Wednesday in Qom.

ID: 30698 | Date: 2012/07/16
Reported by Jamaran news agency, Hujatalislam Mohammad Mahdi Behdarvand, the scientific secretary of the congress of War and Defense in Imam Khomeini's Perception said: "This congress with a particular emphasize on Arab spring in the region will be held on Wednesday morning, July 18th 2012 in the congress hall of the Islamic Development Organization's office in Qom."

He also added: "Fifty articles have been sent to the congress secretariat and the writers of five articles will be honored."

Behdarvand said three books will be introduced and continued: "These books are "The War and United Nations Resolutions" written by commander the Martyr Dr. Ahmad Sodagar, "The Holy Defense, The great Happening" written by the commander Dr. Sayyid Hassan Firouz Abadi and "In The Dominion of Imam Khomeini's Defensive Thoughts" which in the last one Theoretical basis in Imam Khomeini's perception has been considered."

He explained about the lecturers of this congress, which is in fact the third congress held by the permanent secretariat of 598, and stated: "The lecturers of the congress will be Hojatalislam Mir Bagheri; the head of human science cultural center, Hossein Shari'atmadari; the head of Keyhan Institute; and a representative of Egypt."

About the execution of the Islamic Awakening exhibition beside the congress, Hojatalislam Behdarvand added that: "The other plan in this congress is to honor the commander the Martyr Ahmad Sodagar. Also two clips with the contents of the Islamic Awakening and the resolution 598 will be screened for the audience."

He added that the scientific committee of the congress consists of Tehran University professors and the Supreme National Defense University.

The scientific secretary of the congress pointing to the sagacity of Imam Khomeini in predicting the changes of the Islamic Awakening in the region said: "There is no doubt that the Islamic Awakening today has its roots from the Iranian Islamic revolution and also the goals of the  8 years holy defense."

This University professor declared in the end: "Most important values of this congress are to clear the necessities of the young generation acquaintance with the holy defense values specially by considering the Imam Khomeini's point of view and also answering an important question: what is the relevant between the Iranian revolution and the revolutions in the region?"