Purification is prior to teaching and learning, Imam Khomeini defined

According to Imam Khomeini, purification is prior to teaching and learning. The Prophet (of Islam) is assigned to purge, to educate and to prepare the 'selves' and then teach them the Book and Wisdom.

ID: 55734 | Date: 2019/04/08
That knowledge-bearer who is not as yet purged and purified, will pose more danger than the ignorant person, Imam Khomeini explained.

Imam explains the matter as following:

If an ignorant person is corrupt, he will only harm himself but a corrupt know­ ledge-bearer will corrupt and contaminate the whole world.

According to Imam's views, if the Book and Wisdom are not accompanied by education and purification, a creature will come out such as those in the Senate and National Assembly during the pre-Revolution era, i.e. the deputies of the houses of the Parliament during the time of the deceased Shah.

Education will be useful when it is accompanied with purification and the training of the mind and ethics in universities and other centers of learning, in places where the religious ulama’ are present, or in places where non-religious teachers are present.

A person who is knowledgeable of the monotheistic sciences, religious sciences and ethics and knows all these sciences well but he is not purged and purified yet, such a person will become a dangerous creature for society.

The assignment of the Prophet of Islam was basically for education and training. To recite verses, signs, and the signs of the sciences whereby every science is considered to be a sign, to recite the signs for the people and purify and purge them and to cleanse their 'selves'.

If the 'selves' are not purged and purified and if they are not purified from corrupt qualities, science will have adverse effects, Imam concluded.

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