Seyyed Hassan Khomeini says unity is long-term strategy of Islamic Republic

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, has stressed that unity is a long-term strategy of the Islamic Republic and all domestic factions have a deeply-held belief in the primacy of unity.

ID: 56517 | Date: 2018/11/27

The grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic made remarks while addressing an annual international conference on Islamic unity in Tehran

“Therefore, all the wise men of the Islamic world must gather together otherwise the enemies would achieve their evil intentions and dominate the Islamic world,” Seyyed Hassan Khomeini said

The Muslim world scholar pointed out that liberating Palestine, fighting poverty and preventing another cancerous tumor like the Zionist regime will not be possible without unifying the Muslim nations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Seyyed Hassan Khomeini also stressed the need of upholding commonalities, boosting unity and avoiding strife among the Muslims.

The 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference began in the Iranian capital under the motto "Quds, axis of unity among Ummah," with over 350 foreign guests from 100 countries in attendance.

Attended by prominent personalities and figures of the Musim world, the summit closed on Monday