Imam Khomeini always kept remembering God

ID: 57973 | Date: 2019/02/27
A memoirs mentions that Imam Khomeini had kept remembering God the Almighty amid air in the airplane while making a historic return to his homeland nearly spending 15 years in exile.  

Mohammad Sadiq Tabataba’ei , who accompanied Imam during his historic return from Paris to Tehran in 1979, said that Imam had never forgot remembrance of God even for a moment in all thick and thin conditions .

Despite all hurdles and challenges Imam was facing at the time, he continued saying his prayers and supplication at the Air France airplane which was carrying imam towards Tehran.  Imam had not missed his mid-night and morning prayers at the plane.

Some foreign journalists who were along Imam had made video clips of Imam’s worship and devotion for Gad and had also conducted some interviews during the historic journey.

 Sadiq Tabataba’ei says I had some anxiety when I consulted to Imam, but Imam had patiently asked me about the progress regarding the constitution which was assigned to me

It was on 12nd Bahman or 1st February 1979, when Imam Khomeini returned to Iran from Paris with a religious doctrine after 14 years of political exile.

That day is marked as revolution day. The event is celebrated by 10-day festivities each year, called the 10-day dawn. It is noteworthy the Imam's religious doctrine was not anti-Western per se.

Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini who came to be known as the Imam or leader, after he brought revolution to the shores of Iran to wash out 2500 years of monarchy and empire. Iranians commemorate the anniversary of their leader's demise on June 3rd 1989.

They loved him because he gave them the courage to stand up against the tyranny of the Pahlavi regime which would hand over the wealth and resources of the country to the west and got nothing in return but humiliation.