A Ghazal from Poetical Works of Imam Khomeini (s)

ID: 58793 | Date: 2019/05/04


This caravan towards you have been running from the very beninning,

Till eternity, too, towards you will be running.

Wandering and puzzled all are in your love drowning,

Impatient and unable in every corner are the restless.

Put aside your veil and show us your features,

So as to be revealed whatever all people for it are looking for.

O! Veiled in search of your visage,

All souls have lost hearts, and the hearts are annoyed.

In the tavern the rogues all are eagerly thinking of you,

Mentioning you at the door of the taverns are mooning.

Oh friend! You aim at my sorrowful heart,

The arrow and the bow are your eyelashes and your eyebrows.