Imam Khomeini remains distinctive and unique among world leaders

Pundits and researchers maintain that the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam has changed the course of history and left deep impact on the balance of power across the region and world.

ID: 59034 | Date: 2019/12/30
Following the victory of Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini furthered the statues of Muslim Ummah by  largely boosting the unity of the Islamic world and facilitating the dialogue among Shia and Sunni Muslims across the region and elsewhere in the world. 

 He formed a united front of Muslim ummah and oppressed people and ended the dominance and meddling of the world colonial powers across the Persian Gulf region. 

Imam Khomeini, the great leader of the Muslim world changed the balance of power across the region and beyond by leading an unprecedented revolution. 

Imam Khomeini led the popular public uprising and the revolution when the world had been divided into eastern and Western blocs of powers.

Established an Islamic-democratic system which was not dependent to Eastern or the Western blocs .

Based on an international analysis containing views of several international scholars the Islamic Revolution signaled indisputable change in the region and around the globe in 1979 at a very sensitive juncture of the history. 

Imam Khomeini ideals and thought are widely becoming increasingly popular among the intellectuals and pundits who hail distinguishing leadership qualities and his role to revive divine values in contemporary era.

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