Everything about our mid-day meeting

ID: 59541 | Date: 2019/07/06


I remember that in one of the days of 1359 in which I came from Ahvaz to Tehran I saw his eminence Imam and I put forward talks that were expressive of a complaint. He told me: inform those that I have considered for the conduct of a meeting. The meeting was conducted in the middle of the day and without a background and the old man who was young at heart and was full of happiness and was strong managed the meeting when he was 80 years old and he did not express that he was tired (since he was the commander in chief and not the person who we had complained about); and since that affair was for God he did not feel tired.

At a certain time (probably in that meeting) one of those who was disgraceful and who had wrongly entered the line of the believers said something and Imam answered him and said: if you do not want to do that step aside; I myself will take care of the affairs and I will piggyback the loads. He did not believe that Imam would enter the arena in that way that was like a youth.

Source: The book a ray of the sun, p. 230, a memory of his excellency Ayatollah Khamenei