A study of religious jurisprudential bases of defense from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

ID: 59777 | Date: 2019/06/11
This research whose subject is an examination of religious jurisprudential bases of defense according to Imam Khomeini is written and has 5 chapters.

1) In the first chapter I examine the history, aims, the significance and the limit of studying the subject of the research and also stating the issue, the research's hypotheses and definition of its expressions.

2) In the second chapter and that reviews the studies that have been done some of the works and collections and in them matters similar to the matters of the subject of this research have been pointed out are criticized and examined and the collections of Sahifeh ye- Imam are among them.

3) in the third chapter the method, designs and techniques in this research are stated and the subject of this research has a historical question and a case study and I utilize the library technique.

4) In the fourth chapter and that is the most important chapter of the research first in the first section I examine Imam's biography and in the second one I examine the definitions and the generalities of the subject such as those that have to do with words and those that have to do with expressions of Jihad and defense and kinds of Jihad, the goals of defensive Jihad, the importance of defense in the Quran and narrations and in the third section I examine the different dimensions of defense such as individual defense, military defense, political defense, economic defense, cultural defense and the methods and the bases that have to do with the Quran and those that have to with narrations according to his Eminence Imam; and in addition the views of other religious jurisprudents are used in proportion.

5) In the fifth chapter I point out the adding up and the conclusion of the matters that have been collected across some chapters and in that chapter also I point out the sources that directly and indirectly concerning the preparation of and collection of the matters have been used.