Selected poems from Imam Khomeini

ID: 59908 | Date: 2019/08/07

Take the cup and take off the hypocricy garment,

To the hypocritical Sheikh the alter.

Make aware the tavern-elder of our state,

To take away hangover out of our soul with a goblet.

The casket for begging caused honour for us,

Oh charming Beloved! increase our honour,

We repeat whatever the calender whispers,

With a glance pet the old stipendiary.

Don't talk about the fatal poison of my rival,

You know how I suffered from this snake spotted snake.

Embracing the Beloved enlivened me,

In her separation there is neither embrace nor petting.

Warn the tavern elder about my grieve,

That the cup-bearer made me sober by giving a goblet wine.