How did Imam defeat and beat Savak?

Imam angrily said to Mowlavi: “I’m also an Islam’s soldier don’t let me practice my soldier”.

ID: 60659 | Date: 2019/09/16
After release of Imam from Shah’s regime prison Etelaat in an essay wrote that clerics have compromised with the regime. Imam then made an explicit lecture on denouncing the matter.The famous head of the time for Savak Colonel Mowlovi was sent to him from the government to apologize. The colonel wanted to have private meeting but since this was never Imam’s style to hold a private meeting with any government authority he wanted some friends including I to attend the session. Colonel began talking apologetic on behalf of the government and said that something must’ve gone wrong, then he said something that perhaps smelt a bit like threatening. He said: “please do not let us practice our soldiers”. Then Imam putting his first finger on the chest said:” I’m also a soldier of Islam do not let us practice our soldier duty”.