ID: 60717 | Date: 2019/09/15

Do you ever know that the wretched, entangled in love with you I am,

With the entire soul and heart the cause of warning your market I am.

Any oppression you do to me, I accept, willingly,

Swear to God your lover, your faithful lover I am.

The strand of your hair finaly snared me,

Captivated by the curve of your hair and the strand of your hair I am.

Oh owl! Stop talking about your ruined nest,

As in this circle the central point of your compasses I am.

The mystic have covered the Beloved's features,

Mad about seeing you unveiled.

The lovers will reveal the secret of your obsession,

Come to me as the confidant of your confidance I am.

Unveil your face in front of this feeble old fellow,

Up to the last breath with my whole soul the fond of seeing you I am.