ID: 60719 | Date: 2019/09/08

To the door of the tavern needy I have come,

To the disiples of the mystical path to perform the prayer I have come.

I have no idea of the hiding place of the mysteries,

To the Magian-elder's door, the owner of the mystery I have come.

I was expelled from your abode disgracefully,

From the desert with a heart sore I have come.

The Sufi and his own patched garment, the ascetic and his own prayer rug,

Towards the Magian monastery while playing music I have come.

With the sorrowful heart from monastery I went to mosque,

Hopefully with wailing I have come,

As the light of your visage as to make pandemonum in both worlds,

To each particle with a hundred billing and cooing I have come.