ID: 60720 | Date: 2019/09/15

Having devoted my life, to the door of the tavern I have come,

Having ignored the two world's entirely I have come.

The soul which is the mirror of the life in the realm of existence,

Having thrown the stone to the mirror of the soul, I have come.

As I did not find out the secret of the life from the realm of existence,

In the hiding place in search of the hidden sypress I have come.

Your face's epyphany without seeking the favour of anybody is the goal,

Therefore such a long way from the coast to the coast I have come.

Help me oh Elias that in this darkness,

In search of the source of the elixir of life I have come.

Do me a favour! Oh! friend that I ignored the world,

To your abode anxiously I have come.

Be cheerful about the result, oh Hindī, because,

To the elder of the mystical path through the good fortune way I have come.