ID: 60871 | Date: 2019/10/08

Moth-like in front of the tavern's door I was flapping,

The door was closed, by my frenzied heart I was knocking.

That idol beloved caused me to be aware tilll the morning,

Like praying bird of love till the dawn I was crying.

Though I am not able to see the Beloved,

In desire of seeing her all places I was calling.

Her face is seen wherever you look,

Her portrait upon all doors and walls I was hanging.

Being intoxicated, due to the separarion of that charming Beloved,

Sometimes upon the chest, sometimes upon the face and sometimes upon my head I was beating.

Oh! My dear soul, my idol, was unveiled,

To the sun and to the moon I started taunting.

My beloved with a half coquetry so burnt my soul,

I cast fire to the land of East and West.