ID: 60883 | Date: 2019/10/19

Of you oh! Intoxicated, in the tavern, no name I heard,

I went to the lovers I did not see your sypress-height figured.

I left my hometown in the hope of finding you,

The more I was amazed, the less I got to anywhere.

I decided to forget myself to see your moon-like face,

I can't help it, to this tie of selfishness it was impossible to rid myself.

The companions migrated and reached the destination,

Poor me who stayed at home and was deprived.

Do me a favour oh! friend to change me into a moth flapping in front of you,

Oh beloved! Be kind as to be sent a good-tidings to me.

Oh! You who are my soul, how I suffered from your separation,

Oh! You who are within my soul from your absence what burdens I tolerated.