How did Imam’s message from France spread worldwide quickly?

Social and political memoirs by Sadiq Tabatabaei

ID: 64211 | Date: 2020/04/29

It had been reported through a series of memoirs that Imam conducted several interviews with international media outlets during his historic stay in the French city of Nofel Loshato.

For an instance, Imam there gave interviews to Arabic, French, German and British media, which started covering news regarding Imam and the revolution on regular basis.

Due to special coverage by media, the French authorities were forced to ease restrictions against Imam. In this way Imam found a relief to spread his divine Islamic message and people in Iran were also following and promoting Imam message.

Contrary to this, Imam’s movements and political activities had been under heavy restrictions during his years-long stay in exile in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf.

(Social and political memoirs by Sadiq Tabatabaei, PP 41-45)