Part II

Conduct of Imam Khomeini during the Month of Ramadan

Imam would make use of every small window in his daily schedule to open and study the holy Quran.

ID: 31626 | Date: 2012/08/05

Imam always paid special attention to the holy Quran in the extent that he would recite Quran seven times a day. In fact Imam would make use of every small window in his daily schedule to open and study the holy Quran. In so many occasions his family and friends witnessed that even in the short period while he was waiting for the food to be brought forward he would even use that time to study Quran. He would also recite the holy Quran after he was done with his night prayer and before the time of prayer at dawn. One of his household describes that once in Najaf, Imam had a problem with his eyes and he was visited by a doctor. After the eye examination the doctor advised to Imam that “you should not read the Quran for a while and let your eyes rest for some days”. Imam smiled and replied “Doctor! I need my eyes to be able to read the holy Quran; there is no benefit for me to have eyes but not read the Quran. Please do something that I would be able to read the Quran”. One other member of his circle in Najaf described that in the blessed month of Ramadan Imam would recite ten parts or “Juz” of Quran in a daily basis, meaning that imam would read the whole Quran every other three days. In addition to that few days before the start of Ramadan, every year he would order for the holy Quran to be totally read or “Khatm of Quran” for the benefit of those people he had in his mind. In the month of Ramadan he would advise people to repent of their wrong deeds and behavior. He insisted that people should repent of their sins had there been any, before the start of the blessed month of Ramadan. He would advise that all should make themselves familiar with the prayers dedicated to this month and avoid any minor sins so that all enter the God’s reception clean and free of sins.

Some of Imam Khomeini’s advises for the blessed month of Ramadan:

  • The blessed month of Ramadan is a month for prayer.

  • The blessed month of Ramadan is a month of unity and gathering, it is a month of God.

  • In this honored month you people are invited to the reception of the Holy God, then you should prepare yourself for this very glorious month

  • In this very blessed month that all are invited to the reception of God if you did not get to know God or did not improve your understanding of Him, then you should know that you have not entered the party in its proper manner and have wasted the chance of being hosted by God.

  • Be attentive that you should be able to do according to the proper manners particular for this month. Of its spiritual manners be careful not to be satisfied just with prayer but try to pray in its deep and actual sense. When you call for God, try to do it in its true meaning in a fashion that your hearts feel the assurance deep inside.

  • In this blessed month be careful to make use of the advantages of “Laillat ul-Qadr” (The Night of Qadr). We all should be different in this month and be in search of taking advantage of “Laillat ul-Qadr” (The Night of Qadr). That night is the best night of all in which all the blessings in the world are being sent down.

  • If we cannot be aware of all our behavior at all times, at least we should take advantage of this blessed month in which the situation is ready for such watchfulness.