Imam became glad after Zionists plot about pandemic was exposed in Europe

A memoir by Sadiq Tabatabaei

ID: 66195 | Date: 2020/10/02
It has been narrated by Sadiq Tabatabei that once he explained for Imam that a Zionist group had blamed the Turk Muslim workers in Germany for spreading a virus or pandemic.

Later in response to the Zionists’ accusation, a group of Muslims in Europe launched and mobilized a media and judicial campaign to expose the false claims by the Zionists about the Muslim workers.

Finally, a German court issued a verdict, acquitting the Muslim and ordered that the workers should be paid compensation.

Imam in Najaf became glad that efforts by Muslims had resulted in failure of the Zionist plots and conspires.

Imam had always well command over international issues and stayed aware of the issues regarding the world Muslims.

(A memoir by Sadiq Tabatabaei)