Their books are deviant

ID: 31750 | Date: 2013/08/04

When the Munafiqin (Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization who committed treason against the people after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and were later famously branded as the Munafiqin-hypocrites) raised their voice in protest and one or two operations were carried our successfully, it resultant in their increased acceptance so that the clergymen who were fighting against the Shah's regime sung their praises. Some even went further and assisted them financially while some others even joined their ranks. At every gathering they were showered with praises endorsing their religion and piety. It reached the point where even respected theologians issued statements in their favor. When the regime wanted to execute some members of the organization, they protested their executions and wrote that they were pious individuals and guardians of religion. However, at that moment the question arose that why the Imam who was the leader of the struggle had not said a word about them. Even one of today's prominent theologians met me in Tehran and asked me to tell the Imam that they would take over the government and he would be compelled to endorse them but by then it would be too late and that before it was too late, he should endorse them. I agreed and went and told the Imam who kept silent. The Imam neither endorsed them nor sent any financial assistance to them and nor was he willing to speak a word in their favor. When I asked the Imam for the reason for his stance he stated: "I have read their books; I noticed that there was no mention of Islam and they were deviant and so I did not endorse them." This was in a situation when their books and literature was read by all in Qum, Tehran and Mashhad.[1]

[1]Their books are deviant: Ayatullah 'Amid-Zanjani