Imam Khomeini displayed great love and respect for his wife

A memoir and a letter by Imam to his wife

ID: 67347 | Date: 2020/12/19
It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam had showed great respect for her wife and other family members.

Imam used to lend his hand in doing homework, washing dishes, making tea and all other tasks.

During Imam’s stay in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf, where he lived in exile and used to teach and deliver lectures for seminary students and scholar, once Imam’s wife and children left for Iran to see the relatives.  Imam could not come along with them due to busy schedule.

Here comes the text of Imam’s letter to his wife as following:

My dear respected wife,

So far I have sent several letters, but I do not know if they arrived or not. I was informed of you through Far─źdah. Your letter from Mashhad arrived. I have no news from Tehran. I hoped you are always happy, in good spirit and busy visiting relatives, even though you have forgotten me. Your time of return is near, and I am tired of your absence. Thanks be to God, everyone is fine, however, approximately ten days ago Husayn got appendicitis and was operated on at Najaf Hospital, now he is fine; the stitches were removed. The others are fine. I occasionally incurred slight illnesses and I am now better.


(A memoir and a letter by Imam to his wife)