Scholars at seminars debate Imam Khomeini's ideals and dynamic thought

A series of seminars, discussions and debates are being held on the 32nd passing anniversary of the late founder of the Islamic Republic.

ID: 69858 | Date: 2021/05/30
 The famous scholars, intellectuals, academics and university professors from across Iran and around the globe will be taking part in these debates.

The online and virtual debates will discuss Imam Khomeini's ideals and dynamic though on a range of topics, which are crucial for solving problems and crisis facing the Muslim world.

The sessions are being held with close coordination of Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution research's college. 

The late founder of the Islamic Republic has remained a great aspiration for Iranians and people around the globe despite 32 years since his passing and heavenly departure.

He concluded by saying that enemies had failed in their desperate efforts to divide Iranian nations in recent decades due to Imam’s divine personality and wise leadership.

The remarks come as devotees in Iran and elsewhere across world will commemorate 32nd passing anniversary of Imam Khomeini with online events as a deadly coronavirus pandemic has restricted mass gatherings across the globe.  

Every year, Imam Khomeini's passing anniversary is marked on June third at the mausoleum in a ceremony that is attended by governmental officials, foreign ambassadors, and hundreds of foreign guest.

Imam Khomeini, the contemporary religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world has had well command over a number of fields including philosophy, mysticism, Quranic and Hadith sciences, Jurisprudence, and poetry and literature. His ideals are becoming increasing popular among young generation and followers of divine religions.

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