An Introduction to Hozur Quarterly

The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini‘s Works publishes a variety of books and magazines regarding the dynamic though of the founder of the Islamic Republic and the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

ID: 32046 | Date: 2013/01/02
Hozur is an official quarterly magazine of the Institute which has been regularly published since 1990. Dr. Abul Fazal Marwi, a member of the editorial committee and managing director of the magazine made remarks during an interview with the English portal of Imam Khomeini (official website of the institute). The quarterly contains a variety of writings that reflect Imam’s dynamic thought and his stances on a variety of social, political, cultural and art topics, Marwi added. The managing director said that this quarterly is well-classified and includes four main sections: 1. Articles 2. Round table intellectual discussions 3. Literature and Art 4. News and reports Marwi also noted that there is a close coordination between the office of magazine and a large number of Iranian and foreign scholars, intellectuals and professors over the past decades. The magazine has touched upon the various aspects of Imam Khomeini’s productive life and showed its analysis and perception on the history of the Islamic revolution. The magazines have also conducted several interviews with prominent personalities from across the globe to highlight a variety of views on the Imam’s life and his Islamic movement. Moreover, the magazine has published a series of memoirs by Imam’s relatives, friends and pupils to illustrate the intellectual, academic, social and political perspectives of Imam’s personality. Several art works and paintings which portray Imam’s life and history of the Islamic revolution have become the cover shot since the publication of magazine. It is worth-mentioning that the original copy of these works are carefully protected and kept in the art gallery of Jamaran. Marwi concluded that the Institute has published and distributed at least 81 issues of this magazine since its establishment and each of the number contains a unique approach and precious writings.