Imam Khomeini encouraged criticism and discussions at classes in Najaf

Extracted from a collection of memoirs

ID: 70448 | Date: 2021/06/22
It has been reported through a series of memoirs that it was normal for seminary students in the Iranian city of Qom to have critical discussions with their lecturers, but pupils at Najaf seminaries were not addict to criticism.

Imam had been one of those scholars who encouraged students to open the gates of criticsim when he arrived in the holy city of Najaf in 1960s and spent many years in exile over there and delivered countless lectures on a range of Islamic topics.

Imam also trained several pupils who later contributed to the Islamic movements across the region.

It has been widely reported that Imam used to encourage students to have an inter-disciplinary approach and look from various perspectives of an academic issue or matter.

Extracted from a collection of memoirs