Imam Khomeini abruptly took break in the middle of International briefing in Nofel Noshato

Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam

ID: 70451 | Date: 2021/06/24
During Imam Khomeini stay in exile on the outskirts of the French capital, Imam had becoem center of the attention of international media.

The media outlets during his stay in exile there conducted several interviews with Imam to know his views on the Islamic revolution.

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that once Imam was addressing a news briefing and he suddenly paused and asked if it was time for noon prayers.

The people around imam answered that the prayer time had just approached. At this, Imam postponed the news conference for some minutes and started to get ready for performing prayers without wasting any further moment.

After sayign prayers, Imam resumed the briefing for the internaitonal media again.

All were seriously impressed by Imam’s punctuality and spirit of spirituality.

Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam