Imam Khomeini used to apply scent and perfumes before prayers

Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam

ID: 70452 | Date: 2021/06/22
It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam used to lead very simple life and his life-style still continue to attract millions of believers and faithful devotees from across the globe.

But at the same time, Imam always used to keep simple but neat and clean dress and applied scents, comb hair and got ready befor performing his prayers. This all shows Imam’s deep devotion towards God the Almighty.

Imam used to maintian that manking has always been in divine presence so they should never commit a sin.

Imam lived in a small rented house even after becoming the leader of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and distributed all of his ancestoral lands among needy people. He left nothing except a number of books behind him.

(Extracted from a collection of memoirs about Imam)