Remorse is of no avail after the fire of anger

ID: 72042 | Date: 2021/10/16
Imam sheds the light on the matter through his theological works as following:

It is reported on the authority of Imam al-Sadiq (A) that the Apostle of God (S) said, “Anger spoils faith in the same way as vinegar destroys honey.”

It may happen that someone gets angry and, in a bout of extreme anger, turns away from the Din of God.

The hot flames and the dark fumes of anger not only destroy his faith by consuming his righteous beliefs, they also lead him to apostatize by rejecting God, thus leading him to eternal damnation.

And when he becomes aware of it, his remorse is of no avail, as the fire of anger, which was lit by a spark thrown in by Satan, continues to roar in his heart,