Imam recommended believers should be cautious of the guiles of the self

ID: 72248 | Date: 2021/11/28
Imam Khomeini has undertaken very useful discussion regarding the topic  in his famous book "Forty Hadith" as following: 

But one should be cautious of the guiles of the self while opposing it, as it may lure you into its snares and use other tactics for defeating your purpose.

For example, you will observe some person occupy an inconspicuous place in a gathering, but in a fashion, which is meant to make others understand that his position is superior to all the others present and that it was but a gesture of humility and modesty on his part that he has occupied that place.

Or, for instance, if he had declined in favor of a person of uncertain superiority over himself, he will give priority over himself to someone who it is certain is of a lower rank, thus immediately making it clear that he had declined in favor of the first one because of his own humility.

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These, and hundreds other like this, are the wiles of self, which add riya’ and hypocrisy to pride, and unless one does not resolve to combat them with a sincere determination one will not succeed in rectifying one’s self, Imam further explains. 

All the vices of the soul are rectifiable, but a little diligence is needed in the beginning.

After one has entered the process of self-correction, everything becomes easier for him.

The main thing is to realize the need for the rectification of the self and to wake up from the spell of self-negligence.

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