Imam Khomeini’s Ideals Can Rescue the Muslim from Troubles

A prominent Muslim scholar says that Pakistan and several other Muslim nations need to follow the ideals of the great Imam in order to relieve themselves from turmoil and troubles.

ID: 32325 | Date: 2013/03/03
Maulana Muhammad Shoaib, the head of the Sunni scholars Council of Pakistan in an interview with The Urdu Islam Times, recalled the founder of the Islamic Republic as a great religious and spiritual leader.
He also referred to the sacrifices the great Imam made in a bid to establish an Islamic government in Iran which led to the nation’s material and spiritual growth and progress
The Sunni scholar also put emphasis on necessity of following Imam Khomeini’s ideals to rescue Pakistan and other Muslim nations across the globe.

“We should use the ideals of Imam Khomeini,” Shoaib said.

The scholar also went on to say that the great leader of the Islamic world relieved the Muslim and oppressed nations from the global arrogance and restored independence and confidence to them.

“Imam Khomeini stood against the arrogant power of the time like Imam Hussein and never surrendered to them. Imam Khomeini tolerated lots of hardships until the Revolution succeeded and the Islamic government was established,” Shoaib concluded.

Many scholars believe that the great Imam’s dynamic ideals and thought can relive the nations form inner corruption and external influence. Imam’s universal messages pave the ground for the material and spiritual growth and development.